Harrogate Tree Surgeon Services

Crown reductions

Removing branch tips and trimming the tree back to a growth point further down the branch is known as tree crown reduction.
This does not always result in an asymmetrical finish, but it helps enhance light and lessen shadowing. It may be done to remove dead, diseased, and broken branches or just to reduce the overall size of the tree.

24 hr Emergency Tree Services

Have you experienced storm damage, or do you have a hazardous tree or fallen tree? then give us a call right away, we provide emergency tree service around-the-clock.

When an emergency arises, our highly skilled team will respond quickly, safely, and to your particular situation while keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Offering a professional tree stump grinding and removal service, we provide a specialised tree stump removal service in West & North Yorkshire.
The safe removal of tree stumps is made possible by our modern equipment. 
Any size tree stump, from a few inches to the biggest stump imaginable, can be removed by our team. We remove tree stumps and surface roots by grinding them down to a depth well below ground level, allowing for ground preparation for virtually any use or replanting.

Crown Thinning & Lifting

To allow more light to pass through, the crown is thinned by cutting its inner branches. To maintain your tree healthy, we remove the deadwood similarly to when we thin the crown.
As the name suggests, crown lifting involves removing branches from the base of the crown, which raises the crown’s height. To ensure that people and cars may pass securely underneath the tree, the crown must be thinned.

Tree Felling & Dismantling

Cutting down a tree is known as “tree felling,” and it is usually done for conservation purposes. To stop the disease from infecting nearby trees, it’s crucial to fully remove any diseased trees.
Similar to this, the best course of action is to have a tree removed if it is deemed unsafe due to its fragile condition before it falls and does significant damage.
We can safely cut down any tree thanks to our training as arborists and our experience in the field. The safest and most efficient ways to cut down the tree will be determined after we have assessed it. We will make sure the task is completed efficiently and professionally and have a variety of tools & equipment at our disposal.

Hedge Maintenance

Trimming a hedge involves removing excess height and width from the hedge’s outer sides.

This is done in order to keep the shape appearing natural without diminishing the size overall, which is often accomplished by making small trims at regular intervals during the growing season.

Our team at Hudson Tree Care can provide ongoing hedge maintenance to keep them in top shape, along with any necessary hedge removal services should it be required